Hello, friends in this post you are going to see different types of phone holders for cars. Here in this list, you have a lot of options for mobile phone holders for your car. Some of the main holders are magnetic phone holders for cars, a phone holder for car dashboards, a universal phone holder for cars.

1. ELV Car Mount Adjustable Car Phone Holder Universal Long Arm, Windshield for Smartphones - Black

universal phone holder for car

Product Features:

The ELV Easy One-Touch Mounting System locks and releases the phone holders with just one push, a two-step locking lever assists with multiple-position mounting.
The designed bottom part proves to be very helpful for connecting all your device ports.

The super sticky gel pad sticks very easily in most places, yet you can easily use it again and again.
360 Degree Rotation: 
You can turn it 360 degrees to take fast pictures.

The new telescopic arm helps to see the device up close. This arm is 2 inches long.
Price - 375 /-(maybe changed for chack real-time price click below)

SKYVIK TRUHOLD Dashboard & Windshield Magnetic Car Mobile Phone Holder -

bestrix magnetic phone holder for car
Securely affixes your device to your car home or office Stronghold Suction Cup with the help of a magnet attached to it. This Magnetic Car Mobile Phone Holder makes your phone holder work by sticking to car dashes, desks, countertops, and just about anywhere.
Mobile Phone Holder Viewing Angle -
The swivel ball headsets the viewing angle.

Strong Magnet - Neodymium N45 magnets can work with any smartphone/tablet.

What you get with Mobile Phone Holder:
SKYVIK TRUHOLD Magnetic Dash Mobile Holder, suction mount, 4x bastion metal plate, 4x scratchproof films.

Price - 1090 /- (maybe changed for chack real-time price click below)